Why Big Eyes is Topping The Cryptocurrency List Even Before Its Launch

Why Big Eyes is Topping The Cryptocurrency List Even Before Its Launch

If cryptocurrencies made the world believe in the potential of blockchain platforms, then meme coins introduced investors to the power of monetization. Meme coins are cryptocurrencies inspired by social media memes and their values depend on the popularity of the memes. These digital assets have found favour with investors across the world and even tech czars like Tesla CEO Elon Musk couldn’t stay away from investing in them. In 2021, after Musk posted his thoughts about the potential of Shiba Inu on Twitter, the meme coin’s prices surged dramatically making it one of the most successful meme coins to ever have been launched. However, over time meme coins are evolving to enable the investor to do more than just invest. With services like NFT trading and processing charitable donations, meme coins have convinced the world that they are no less than other investment options when it comes to use cases.

Big Eyes is an upcoming meme coin that has been the talk of the town because of its nuanced features that will be enabling investors to go beyond plain investing and test the potential of blockchain-powered decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. What’s more, is that it aims to speed up the adoption of DeFi solutions across income groups and geographies and enable people to explore a financial ecosystem where there is no interference by third-party intermediaries. It has a native token BIG that can be used for transactional purposes like staking, token swapping, earning rewards, and liquidity pool provisioning among others. Designed as a community-driven token, the BIG Token will be available on presale for interested buyers.

The meme coin is based on the story of Big Eyes – a cat living in Washington DC and adopted by a rocket scientist couple. He had big eyes which often led to people calling him cute but the cat always saw them as a weakness. For him, being cute meant being weak and meek. Nevertheless, between enjoying a happening city and learning the basics of space engineering, Big Eyes had a good life. However, that changed when the couple decided to abandon him as they left home to pursue a YouTube experiment involving dark matter. Suddenly, Big Eyes was left to fend for himself at the tender age of three. Refusing to give up, Big Eyes set out to find his life’s purpose by hitching a ride on a yacht. He spent a year on board going around the world while learning about the sea and practising yoga. However, on a fateful day, a sea storm struck and he was thrown into the water. Fortunately, he was saved by a humpback whale which left him on Japanese shores. Over the next few months, Big Eyes traversed the country and immersed its culture, while learning about zazen and sushi. It was during one such meditation session that Big Eyes realized that his cuteness which he thought was a weakness was his strength. He realized that he could cash in on his cuteness to inspire memes and earn millions every year. The epiphany gave a cat like Big Eyes a new lease of life and set the foundation for the Big Eyes meme coin.

Is Big Eyes a reliable project?

Big Eyes will be handled by a team of trained professionals who will be working actively to ensure that the platform runs optimally and users can get the maximum benefit of all that it has to offer. The team would be led by Top Cat or PawZilla, who would be responsible for the overall management of the platform. Two other cats called the OpCats – Ten Paws and CatSuit would be assisting the team lead and would be looking into the daily management of the platform. The technical side of the business would be handled by Tech Cat or Cat Nipper, while Hype Cat or Hypurrr would look into all issues related to the BIG Token. The legal affairs and formalities would be handled by Law Cat or CatsEyes.

Plus, the platform has a robust security mechanism that will safeguard investors’ interests. The platform has scheduled regular security audits for zeroing in on any loopholes and will get them fixed promptly. However, its charity and marketing wallets are completely transparent so users can track Big Eyes’ charitable donations and how it uses funds for promotion via them. Another feature of the platform that is likely to boost users’ confidence is the way the platform incentivizes participation. Users will be encouraged to participate in the platform’s daily operations and be rewarded for their engagement. The more a user engages, the higher will be the rewards. These rewards will be in terms of NFTs and BIG Tokens.

All you need to know about the Big Eyes Token

The total supply of these tokens has been fixed as 200,000, 000, 000 units, and a whopping 90% of these tokens will be allocated for the presale. Of the 90% that is set aside for presale, 70% will be for public presale and the other 20% for exchanges. The remaining 10$ of the tokens will be divided equally between marketing and promotional activities, and the platform’s charitable donations. Charitable donations are a part of Big Eyes’ ideology which is based on an ecosystem where every element generates wealth and thrives. In the case of these donations, it is society at large that is benefitting. A key USP of the BIG token is its automated burning feature which destroys tokens at regular intervals. The activity keeps the supply of the token scarce and thereby minimizes fluctuations in prices.

How can buyers gain by investing in Big Eyes?

A key USP of the Big Eyes platform is its NFT trading mechanism that ensures that investors get the most value for their money. The platform will be hosting NFT events throughout the year to ensure that investors get ample opportunities for income generation. Plus, it will make all efforts to ensure that the NFT series being traded on its platform are among the Top 10 in the world. Any profits that the platform earns in these events will be subjected to a ‘burn or to not burn’ vote, to ensure that the price of the BIG Token remains stable.

The platform will also levy a 10% tax on NFT transactions. However, a certain portion of these tax proceeds is returned to the community members. The token holders get 5% of the tax proceeds, while 4% goes to the original seller of the NFT. The remaining 1% is set aside for contributing to charitable causes.

How to purchase the Big Eyes Token?

The BIG Tokens will be available on presale. Users have the option of purchasing them via credit or debit cards or even the ETH and USDT tokens. However, before they proceed, users should ensure that they have downloaded MetaMask or any other digital wallet which is compatible with WalletConnect like Trust Wallet. WalletConnect is an open-source tool for connecting mobile phones to dApps. The Big Eyes team recommends the MetaMask wallet for users accessing the platform with a desktop browser. It recommends the Trust Wallet for mobile phone users. Once their digital wallet is activated, users can proceed to select the payment method and make the payment. If the user chooses to make the payment via a debit or credit, they would first have to purchase ETH Tokens and then use them to buy whatever quantity of the BIG Token that they want. To be able to purchase the minimum quantity of BIG Tokens allowed by the platform, a user should buy at least $15 worth of ETH Tokens. The users will be able to find the purchased tokens on the claims page once the public presale ends.

Learn more about the Big Eyes Token:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space
Website: https://bigeyes.space/
Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL


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