The Peter and Pat Hirschman University-Community Research Partnership Fund

The Peter and Pat Hirschman University-Community Research Partnership Fund

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  • January 11, 2023
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Purpose of the Fund

The Hirschman Fund was established to build a grant opportunity for bringing the University of Arizona and community organizations together. This fund seeks to create opportunities for these partnerships to develop a shared understanding of social justice gaps or needs in the region. The Hirschman fund, led by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, aims to support research collaborations between community-based organizations in Southern Arizona, including non-governmental organizations and governmental (or quasi-governmental) sectors, with the goal of advancing both understandings of, and solutions to, social justice-related issues facing the regional community. The fund’s utmost priority is to provide grants to collaborations that hold promise for sustainable and measurable results in the community. 

This award is given in honor of Morris and Elsa Hirschman, who came to the United States in 1936 as refugees from Germany. This award is made as a tribute to all they achieved here in America, in love and grateful recognition by their son and daughter in law, Peter and Pat Hirschman.

Selection Criteria 

The Hirschman University-Community Research Partnership Fund is intended for practice-research projects that target initiating or advancing community based social justice programs, in collaboration with one or more community based organizations that will provide a sustainable program of benefit to the members of the partner organization. 

The Hirschman Fund proposals must:

  • Propose a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources between the community and the University of Arizona
  • Demonstrate timeliness and relevance through an understanding of needs, opportunities, and gaps existing in the community
  • Demonstrate an existing (even if new) UA community partnership/relationship
    • Include a commitment to shared decision making between UA researchers and community partners.
  • Research methodologies must be ethical, feasible, and the goals/methods must have been developed within the community, including:
    • Demonstrated tangible milestones and/or measures of success and impact
    • Evaluation of methodology’s likelihood of completion and success
  • Include a statement of anticipated impact from the partner organization that demonstrates scalability and: 
    • Identifies solutions that can be adapted by other communities
    • Results in additional grant applications from other sources, so as to expand the impact of the Fund 

Suggestions for Hirschman Fund Proposals

We strongly encourage applications with proposals that:

  • Address issues surrounding border justice and/or other issues specific to the Southwest such as immigration and asylum, housing, civil rights, health issues and healthcare, criminal justice, voting rights, poverty, employment opportunity and advancement including meaningful and justly compensated employment, and educational opportunities, including training and retraining.
  • Align with the University of Arizona’s HSI & Land Grant Designations and contribute to improving the lives of the individuals, families, and communities within the region
  • Demonstrate the understanding and practice of ‘servingness’ due to the university’s Hispanic Serving Institution designation
  • Include leadership development components and address social justice by developing BIPOC leadership
  • Offer an educational dimension and involve undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Arizona

How Proposals will be Evaluated 

 Applications will be evaluated based on: 

  • Timeliness with all required materials included
  • Thoroughness of responses in relation to the selection criteria 
  • Research merit
  • Proposed methodologies
  • Sustainability and achievability of results 


  • January 17, 2023 – Grant opens for proposal applications
  • March 10, 2023 – Grant proposals due
  • April 19, 2023 – Award is announced 
  • August 2023 – Award is funded and distributed 
  • February 2024 – Initial report due to committee 
  • July 2024 – Final report due to committee 

Disbursement of Funds & Award Processing 

The maximum of $20,000 for UA faculty and staff is allowable for the budget request. If your project is selected for funding, there is no guarantee that the full requested amount will be awarded. The award does not cover course buyouts, tuition remission, scholarships or university salary and ERE. Keep in mind that all expenses must be integral to the project’s potential for long-term impact.

Awards will be distributed on the first day of the award cycle. They will be transferred directly to your department and managed by your department’s business manager.

How to Apply

The application will be available beginning January 17th, 2023. For more information, please read the Application Guidelines.

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