Christmas lights used to raise funds for Emily’s Legacy Rescue

Christmas lights used to raise funds for Emily’s Legacy Rescue

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  • December 23, 2022
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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Throughout Wichita Falls, homes are lit up with various Christmas lights and decorations. If you haven’t already had the chance to explore the many Christmas lights throughout Wichita Falls, there’s one house you’ll want to make sure you add to your list.

For over 40 years since 1982, Christmas is a holiday that Julie Williams Coley looks forward to every year.

“We’ve loved doing it all these years, back in the old days when people used to actually go out and look at lights, we had cars lined up looking at our yard, we’ve had a merry-go-round, we’ve had a Ferris wheel so you know, we’ve had some really big, big items like MSU,” Coley said.

A long-standing tradition for Coley, that four years ago, turned into more…

“I just, four years ago decided, it’s time, let’s do it, let’s do a fundraiser because Emily’s legacy and pets both, which are rescues here in town, big rescues, there are others too, they really have trouble getting donations to help animals, and that’s what it’s all about – to help them – if the tulip foundation could even help spay a couple, spade or neuter a couple of animals, it’ll keep
the population down – greatly,” Coley said.

Coley said the problem of overpopulation of animals is a result of people, not spaying and neutering their pets, her goal…to spade and neuter all of them.

“Hopefully, we won’t be reproducing as many cats and dogs – we have so many dogs running loose on the streets and you know, it’s, it’s horrible. We just need to slow that down, by spaying and neutering. This is our fourth year to do it, we started out with a 500-dollar goal, then it was six, and then a seven which was last year, this year was eight but, a very very very very giving couple has given us enough to make our 800 dollar goal, so we are going to move it to a thousand this year,” Coley said.

All the funds go toward allowing every pet to have an equal opportunity

“Emily’s legacy created a fund called the tulip fund and that fund helps animals, actually people who can’t afford to get their pets vaccinated, and also for some emergencies the fund will help meet part of the goal that they need to raise enough money to have their pets looked at pets,”

Williams, just shy of her goal, said that every dollar to help raise it to that one thousand dollars
counts toward helping our community and the animals within.

“We appreciate any donation, whether it’s five dollars or 350 dollars, we appreciate any and all, the people that have been donating I think are doing it to help me but they are also doing it to help Emily’s, so you know I think it’s great to know that we will have that kind of money
in the community to help out pets,” Coley said.

Helping take care of those that are always there for us, this holiday season.

If you don’t have a chance to swing by, just check out on all the ways you can donate and help Coley reach her goal, here.

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