5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Not Feeling The Market Crash; Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest

5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Not Feeling The Market Crash; Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest

Cryptocurrency’s perpetual state of volatility is the stuff of legend. Fortunes are made and lost with each rise and fall in the value of Bitcoin and altcoins. All the while, investors gnaw their nails and fret in anxiety, hoping their strategies pay off and earn more than they lose. 

However, amid this financial uncertainty, there is cause for hope, as some new tokens, such as FightOut (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade, C-Charge (CCHG), RobotEra(TARO), Calvaria(RIA), and IMPT.io(IMPT), are already making huge strides. In this article, you’ll see why now is the best time to invest.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut(FGHT) is the best move-to-earn crypto currently on the market. FightOut is a blockchain-based fitness app, that allows users to earn money for being active. The app monitors and records the progress of users and rewards them each time progress is made or the challenge is finished. With this app, users will get access to courses, personal trainers, video materials, and challenges that can help them to build healthier life habits that will not cost them a fortune. The project goal is to make professional workouts and trainers accessible to everyone. 

The native coin of the platform is FGHT and this coin will be used to gain access to all eh features the app has a much more. The coin is now on presale which is going great. If everything goes according to plan, FightOut will open 20 gyms around the world where app users can come to work out, spend time with other community members, and use other advantages this app provides. 

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto platform with essential tools and expert crypto insights to take your trading to the next level. D2T platform launch is crucial during this current bear cycle as crypto Traders can arm themselves with the best trading strategies and tools to make more profits.

By providing a world-class crypto analytics dashboard, Users will have full access to a bespoke scoring system for crypto ICOs, professional market and social analysis, trading signals, social and technical indicators, and Auto Trading API, to name a few. 

While this dashboard is open for public access, premium features are available upon subscription to the D2T platform. This subscription is payable using the platform’s native currency, D2T Tokens. 

Therefore, holding substantial amounts of D2T tokens is necessary to take advantage of this next-generation platform that could offer impressive gains. Luckily, there is a chance to purchase D2T tokens in the ongoing presale event at a discount price of $0.05.

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One of the most unique green crypto projects that have recently emerged on the crypto market is called C-Charge (CCHG). The C-Charge is a new blockchain-based peer-to-peer payment system for electric vehicle charging. In essence with C-Charge, you pay for the power on their stations with a crypto coin called CCHG. Each charge of the power will be rewarded with carbon credits. This way users can contribute to the reduction of carbon gas emissions and earn the money along the way. The CCHG is a native coin of the platform and now it is on the presale 

C-Charge is crypto that connects Web3 with the real world, by providing means for people to be engaged and connected to the crypto and carbon credit market by simply re-charging their electric cars. The CCHG coin will become popular among many EV users so hurry up and invest now when the price is low. 

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RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra(TARO) is building a sandbox-like metaverse where users become robots and participate in land exploration and development to rebuild the planet. Users will engage their imaginations by developing this open world and sharing the metaverse experience with other users.

RobotEra is powered by its native token, $TARO, which users can employ in processing transactions in its NFT marketplace. Also, users can benefit from the metaverse platform’s DAO, where they can effectively vote on upcoming features that will sustain and improve its ecosystem.

Metaverse enthusiasts and investors can get on the RobotEra train by securing some $TARO tokens at a low price to enjoy significant investment returns and help achieve dominance in its gameplay.

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Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria (RIA) is a Play-to-earn battle card game set in a fantasy universe called Arcilla Divina. The Calvaria platform will provide playable in-game characters (in the form of cards) for users to duel, earn crypto rewards and become the dominant force in the game.

With blockchain technology, user rewards (crypto tokens, unique cards, and upgrades) will directly belong to the players, who can utilize them as they please. Users can trade rewards on secondary markets and use them on Decentralized Applications.

Users will be rewarded with an in-game currency, $eRIA tokens which users can trade on exchanges or purchase in-game resources. Apart from gaming, users can own Calvaria’s native currency, $RIA tokens enabling them to stake their tokens and earn passive income. 

In addition, RIA tokens enable users to become members of Calvaria’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where they can vote on upcoming projects. There is an exciting presale event if you are keen on holding some $RIA tokens before the flagship game’s release.

With about 600 million RIA tokens split into ten stages, users can avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase RIA tokens before it gets listed in the market and surge in price. 

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IMPT.io is a well-structured ecosystem that connects eco-brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Users can shop from these brands and earn carbon credits, which can be traded on the IMPT platform to make money.

Suppose a user wishes to retire his carbon credits to express solidarity with the green cause. In that case, they are rewarded with a unique NFT, and the IMPT token is the main currency that runs the IMPT ecosystem. 

Users who delight in this project can purchase IMPT tokens which will be converted to carbon credits on LBank, UniSwap, and CoinGeko exchanges. 

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MetaBlaze ($MBLZ)

MetaBlaze is a new gaming platform where users are rewarded with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Binance coin, etc. Additionally, it has a decentralized ecosystem that encourages investors and crypto fans to participate in mini-games and experiences based on the story of its Metaverse planet, Galaxia Blue.


Indeed, the present cryptocurrency market has been shaky, with several tokens knocked off lofty perches. Bitcoin has been one of the worst-hit tokens, losing over 70% of its peak market value. Altcoins haven’t fared better, with several promising tokens currently swimming in miry waters. However, some new crypto projects, such as D2T, RIA, IMPT, and TARO, promise to be the next real deal. 

These cryptos are providing revolutionary utilities that can provide crypto investors with incredible gains when they list in the market. So, while the market is still in deep drawdowns, these cryptos can help you recover and enjoy considerable gains when their utilities become apparent upon launch.


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