169 = Exclusive Signup Bonus

169 = Exclusive Signup Bonus

Apex pro offers multi-chain permissionless cryptocurrency trading which is engineered for high-performing precision trades in the decentralized derivatives market. 

The Apex Pro referral code is: 169 which can be used to claim an exclusive signup bonus, plus discounts on all trading fees. You can use the Apex pro referral link here to claim this sign-up bonus automatically. 

How ApeX Pro Functions 

Transactions are verified using cryptographic proofs by the StarkEx engine that runs ApeX Pro. These are then given further processing by Validium, a cutting-edge tool that aids ApeX Pro in accelerating verification speeds and scaling without compromising security. 

Using this extremely scalable and secure environment, you can carry out quick and low-fee perpetual futures trading. 

Describe ApeX Pro

ApeX Pro is a DEX product created on the ApeX Protocol, a permissionless platform that used an order book trading mechanism when it was first introduced on Arbitrum in early 2022. For cryptocurrency derivatives trading, specifically perpetual futures contracts, ApeX Pro is made. Thanks to the platform’s usage of the order book concept, you can trade perpetual futures while taking advantage of special advantages including paying no gas costs, having access to high leverage, and experiencing less slippage. 

You can use ApeX Pro’s fully private platform without having to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. In addition, it offers increased trade security because of StarkEx, a Layer 2 secure scalability engine from StarkWare. StarkEx assists ApeX Pro in safely confirming the legitimacy of transactions. Few platforms in the mostly unregulated “Wild West” of DeFi protocols provide you with such security advantages. 

Additionally, even those with almost no prior experience in crypto trading find the ApeX Pro order book system to be a comfortable setup. 

Advantages of ApeX Pro 

The StarkEx technology-based, highly scalable and secure architecture of ApeX Pro is just one of its benefits. The unique transaction benefits of the platform will also appeal to perpetual traders, both experienced and inexperienced. 

Order-Book Format 

One of the primary benefits of ApeX Pro is its usage of the order book approach. Although the alternative automated market maker (AMM) model has become very popular in the cryptocurrency industry, it is undoubtedly unfamiliar to less experienced crypto and traditional finance traders and has been linked to a number of serious drawbacks, including high slippage and the risk of impermanent loss. 

The order book model is a well-recognized method for any present or aspiring trader; however, AMM environments can be perplexing to traders without extensive understanding in cryptocurrency trading and liquidity mining. ApeX Pro gives a wide range of customers access to trading in crypto derivatives by utilising this incredibly well-known trading technique. Try ApeX Pro to change your mind if you felt that your typical stock market experience might not be appropriate for trading cryptocurrency perpetual contracts. 

Trading using Cross Margin 

In order to achieve the minimal margin requirements, you can move margins between your various accounts using ApeX Pro’s cross-margin trading feature. Transferring excess margin from one account to another that is in danger of losing more than its minimum will assist you escape liquidation. 

Reduced costs and increased leverage 

On ApeX Pro, traders have access to up to 20x leverage. Additionally, you can benefit from quick settlement transactions with no gas fee. With the typical maker charge being 0.02% and the taker cost being 0.05%, the real trading fees are also among the lowest in the sector. 

For regular users, ApeX Pro provides a selection of cryptocurrency prizes. Users are rewarded for trading and staking activity through its Trade-to-Earn programme. Rewards under the scheme are resolved weekly and paid in BANA tokens (more on these later in this article). The majority of other DEX platforms, in contrast, impose lockup periods of several months or even a year for pay-outs and settlements. 


With Apex Pro you can trade much more secure, and cheaply, especially when you apply the Apex referral code 169 

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