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  • June 18, 2022
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The majority of our usual readers would agree that we do not like change. When you think of a technology company bringing out an Algorithmic system where it detects volatility in the stock market, and autonomously does a trade a dozen times a month, with your hard earnt money, with no human interaction you would be left a bit scared and skeptical that this is the way we should be going forward with our finances. On the contrary this is surprisingly what happens with the money that you put in your normal high street bank inside a standard Stocks and Shares ISA account.

Automated trading systems (ATS) are the reason why we had a big chunk of the world’s money decimated in the year of 2008-2009 financial crash, it was the new kid on the block and there wasn’t a lot of trial-and-error scenarios being put in to place to safe guard our money. This is major worldwide heavy-weight banks I’m talking about not just your usual run of the mill Fin-Tech companies; these are corporations like HSBC/BARCLAYS/CHASE BANK and the main culprit that started off the chain reaction, Lehman brothers.

So, over a decade since the collapse of the titans what did the little guys learn from it because they are just as smart as the big shots and more considerate to their client’s lifestyle. Barton Medlock have shown us that this is actually possible and have shown credibility through their work they have done since 2006. Yes, I can hear the cries of our readers saying they haven’t been around since the flintstone era that they are used to but let’s not forget that the first iPhone came out in 2007, so in reality anything is possible when it comes to the right technology at the right time with the right intentions serving the right consumers, lets break down why we have chosen this company.

Who is Barton Medlock?

Long story short, they are a group of investment bankers that put together an idea to create a Fin-Tech company where the clients come first through transparency and equal share rates.

What is an Automated Trading System?

So, an algorithm is a mathematically calculated coding mechanism that is made for the intention of autonomously detecting certain trends it has been made to look for.

For example, one of the biggest algorithms in the world would probably be search engines like google, you have different variations of ways to search something to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

If you type in “JOHN” maybe a million results, come up.

If you type in “JOHN IN LONDON” 100 thousand results will show up.


Algos are set up to find a specific target depending on what its coded to look for so the more information it has then the easier it is to narrow it down and that’s exactly what their Investa Hub Station™ algorithm is set up to do. It detects trends in the market where it is volatile and to make a trade alongside its actuary software to trade long and short for a short period of time.

What’s the safety parameters to ensure the past does not align with the future?

The clever bit about this software is that it is made of three components. First, is the Investa Hub Station™ algorithm where it finds the information. Then it sends that information through to the second component, which is an Actuary system that acts as a risk monitor where it gives the likely hood as a percentage that the trade will be profitable. Once both these components come to a minimum of 93% probability, then depending on how close it is to 100% it will release anywhere between only 1-5% of your liquidity a maximum of 12 times a month to generate you a small tidy sum. Lastly, the third component is one which will always be needed to make money, and that’s a team of senior analyst’s that look over and monitor all of these elements at all times.

How safe is my money?

Safe! These corporate structures take in a lot of charity and union money, that means they would never invest in to a company that does not put enough security elements in place to safeguard their money. Plus, they have a variety of different portfolios that have different ranges of risk, interest and exposure which they can tailor make to suit your requirements.

Secondly, they have insurance policies in place which allow your funds to be safe and secure and unwritten dependent of the policy you as a client choose.

Finally, as a company they separate all clienteles’ funds from their own liquidity in case they were to ever go into liquidation, which doesn’t look likely as they seem to be in for the long run and aiming to take over the financial markets.

I would highly recommend at the least starting off with their minimum deposit requirement and slowly build your confidence and relationship with your personally designated account manager and see what doors this can unlock for your future.

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